personal chef

In food we trust offers a great opportunity to all you who don’t have time or desire to cook to get customized meals cooked at your house or delivered at your door any time you desire, or almost.. As your personal chef, I take care of the grocery shopping, create a menu plan that suits your diet requirement and palate, keeps you healthy and helps you to avoid food wastage and bad eating habits.

  • Philosophy 
Having a personal chef means that you don't have to worry anymore about going for food shopping on a Sunday afternoon, cut, cook, or think about your every day diet.
Recipes, menus, specific diet requirements are discussed and adjusted as desired.
My goal with 'Infoodwetrust' personal chef service is to simplify your every day life whilst helping your well being with healthy, tasty and delightful food.

  • Service
As your personal chef I offer to do your shopping, divide your meals in boxes and label them with refrigeration and heating instructions. 
All the food is cooked at your house and divided in lunch and dinner meals or portioned in Pyrex containers.
Healthy desserts or customized baked products, such as gluten free breads or sugar free biscuits and desserts are also available on request. 
Food delivery is available on request.
The service is scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
Once again the schedule is organized according to your needs and timetable.

  • Cost
The hourly rate is $65. 
An extra hour is charged for the shopping time and menu planning.
A minimum of 6 hours service is required.
Dinner parties, events and catering fee may vary depending on the menu and people involved in the feast.
An additional travel allowance fee is applied accordingly.

  • Schedule
The cooking and delivery can be defined according to the client availability and personal schedule. 
Usually the service duration for a single client goes between 4 and 6 hours for the whole weekly meal plan (2 to 4 adults), plus the time needed for the grocery shopping and menu planning.

  • Cooking tuition
As part of my service I also offer cooking classes for those who want to learn more about the preparation of food, exploring seasonal recipes, or food for people with special requirements, such as Gluten free meals, Low Gi and Kids menus. 
Minimum number of participants is 5 people.
The price is 45$ per person. 
The duration of the class may vary between 2 and 3 hours. 
The food is cooked in one of the participant's house and enjoyed together at the end of the class.
Cooking class for children and teenagers are available.